#strikingparaphrasing are part of academic writing process and we can make way more. So, why is it so difficult to make a correct writing style? Let’s find that out!

You can make many changes without making the writer lose the meaning. You can have many variations in your writing style. You can use many different types of sources, which makes it easy for someone to study the papers and understand what you are saying. You can quote your source, paraphrase it, or stick to the written format of text. Let’s talk about some points you must be keen in when you are paraphrasing. Some common things that you must ensure that you paraphrase carefully. Remember, we are talking about academic papers, so it is essential to make changes and improve the flow of information. You can quote the text without changing the meaning. For example, you can quote the introduction of an argument by stating in your paraphrasing style; in the introduction, you can write, ‘from many different sides, everyone can come to an agreed conclusion, therefore, it is up to us to come to an agreement on this issue. Remember, you can include other information you want to be quoted, just make sure that you include it in parenthesis, It helps to make the information more readable. When you paraphrase your sources, you can make it more readable by only using the information sources that best suits your writing style. A lot of information can be paraphrased, and that is why it is necessary to make sure that you paraphrase all the information accurately. Originality is one of the things that differentiate this kind of writing from plagiarism. To quote someone; like, we cannot say, ‘No,” in this example. It would be plagiarism. And why is that so? Remember, the entire source is yours, you only need to change some words to fit in the sentence. The next thing you do is write the text with your paraphrasing style. The most common paraphrasing styles used in this article include:Tittle-tattle, which comes from the tittle-report, a written report from King Arthur that includes some of his tittle-tattle that were told to him by his companions. Tittle-report. Fool-report. Polythene-report. Quotations. Now, what if you don’t know the sources? How would you manage to cite the correct sources? What if you had too many sources to cite? In such cases, it becomes difficult to quote the correct source in your writing.

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